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Servant Leadership

“Serving employees, customers and community! Larry is so good at his job he is mostly ALWAYS booked up, and somehow, he is ALWAYS there when I need help. Certain documents have had to be reprinted due to the rebranding of the company, for instance, our new hire applications. Because i wanted them to look professional, I decided to print them out in a booklet type document. No one could really figure it out but then came Larry to save the day! 😀 He quickly thought of a way to get the job done & had them ready for me the next day. I really appreciate your help, thank you!”
– Miriam Cornejo-Miranda Administrative Specialist



“Never stop improving! Terri Micaletti works on learning it all and stays long after most others have left. She is committed to do whatever it takes to get the job done and be as successful as she can. MOTIVATED TO WIN! What a GREAT attitude.”
– Doug Young- VP of Service



“We do the right thing! Ronika, Lori and Shunae were a huge help covering the front desk while Miriam was out for surgery. They were amazing and went above and beyond to ensure the front desk and all duties that came along with it were taken care of without complaint. Way to go team!!”
– Vanessa Martinez- Contract Specialist



“We take them personally! Dave restored my faith in humanity yesterday. When he found a small sum of cash in the parking lot and instead of putting it in his pocket and leaving, he asked around if anyone lost any money and returned it to me. Thank you, Dave!!!”
–Robert Langford Field Service Technician


Operational Excellence

“Delivering on our promises! We scheduled a Print Audit install for Friday and we didn’t realize Larry was on vacation. In order to keep the customer happy Cary rearranged his schedule and successfully installed PrintAudit.”
– Markus Hebal- Sr. Technology Advisor


“Creativity, optimism and fun! Ronika has only been with ASI a short time and for the Christmas holiday she took the opportunity to decorate the ENTIRE service department with holiday decorations. What a great way to brighten anyone’s day. Thank you, Ronika!”
– Doug Young- VP of Service