Did you know that printing is typically the third largest office expense after rent and payroll? Recent printing audits have found that the average employee consumes over $1,000 in printing resources annually. Simply put, there are better solutions, especially for organizations trying to reduce costs while keeping quality.

With Print Audit Premiere solutions from Office Interiors, we can help you reduce your printing costs by as much as 75%. Print Audit Premiere is comprised of the following solutions:

  • Print Audit 6
  • Print Audit Secure
  • Facilities Manager

Leveraging our extensive experience in controlled print and our Print Audit Premiere solutions, Office Interiors will help you identify the areas of opportunity currently hidden within your organization.

Print Audit 6

Print Audit 6 is a suite of products designed to significantly lower the financial and environmental costs of printing. Print Audit 6 is built upon three primary components:


The average employee prints 35 pages per day, 17% of which are never used. Print Audit builds inventory lists of every user, printing device, and computer, automatically tracking and analyzing 100% of your printing activity from local, networked, and direct-to-IP devices. Print Audit will uncover printing inefficiencies and equipment abuses to ensure that print jobs are being sent to the right printer for that particular job.


Print Audit creates automated rules that encourage print job creators to follow predetermined guidelines, ensuring jobs are directed to the most cost effective printer every time. With Print Audit, you can control costs by limiting color usage according to:

  • User
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Number of pages
  • And more
 Print Audit also maintains document security and regulatory compliance by implementing rules that send notifications when confidential documents are being printed or prevent them from being printed.


With Print Audit, you can turn a print cost center into a profit center by ensuring every print job is tracked, allocated, and billed to the appropriate client. Print Audit automatically tracks every print job created in your office by prompting the user to enter a PIN number, project code or client/matter number. From there, the data is integrated into your accounting software.

With Print Audit, many businesses recapture the cost of the software in as little as six weeks. And, to better suit the needs of each organization, the configuration of these three components is completely customizable.

Facilities Manager

Facilities Manager is a powerful, easy-to-use tool designed to remotely collect meter reads, automate supplies fulfillment, and report service information for managing fleets of printers, copiers, fax machines, and multi-function devices.

This sophisticated alert software automatically collects meter readings and cost information, monitors supplies, and tracks service histories. Once collected, this information can be easily exported to your third party accounting system. By automating tasks, Facilities Manager reduces downtime and saves money on servicing and supply management.

Facilities Manager works for blended fleets and its Total Cost of Operation (TCO) functionality allows users to pinpoint exactly which devices are costing the most money and/or need to be replaced. For more on Facilities Manager, or any of the other Print Audit solutions, please contact us.

Print Audit Secure

Never leave another document unattended at a printer again. Print Audit Secure ensures your print jobs are sent to the most convenient or secure printing device available. Once you’re nearby, you can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to release your print job at the device of your choice. With Print Audit Secure, you can skip the lineups at busy or malfunctioning machines, and keep an eye on your documents at all times.

Print Audit Secure also lowers costs by not printing jobs that are sent to a secure printer but not released by the user.

ASI Print Audit

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