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Managed Print Services


Inclusive Cost-Per-Page Program

A cost-per-page program simplifies the costs associated with managing your printer fleet. The program includes one price for service, toner and parts.


Print Device Acquisition

Under a Managed Print program, device acquisition is a key element. By assessing your print environment and focusing on user printing habits and print volumes, the most appropriate printers can be placed within your organization and/or a specific department. This is all about right sizing and proper printer placement within your organization.


Supplies Replenishment

Managing your print fleet also means refilling and replacing supplies when needed. Print management software provides automated toner alerts that inform us when your printer supplies are running low. With this information we can ensure timely delivery of those supplies so that you only receive what you need for that printer and don’t need to worry about storing and maintaining supplies on site in your organization.


Device Management

A critical component of our four-pronged approach to print management are quarterly reviews that give you a better understanding of your print environment along with the costs associated with it. We even suggest improvements that can result in greater efficiencies within your print environment. Using print management software we monitor print volumes, toner levels and total page counts—the critical data necessary to keep your fleet operating at peak efficiency.


Help Desk Support

Sometimes a live person is required to resolve an issue. Our team is available 8 AM-5 PM, Monday-Friday, to provide helpful assistance over the phone or to schedule a service call.

Green Initiative Implementation/Support

Software rules and with the latest print management software you can establish print rules within your organization that can help you dramatically reduce your printing costs by:

  • reducing paper and toner consumption
  • restricting who can print or what can be printed in color
  • ensure that certain types of documents are only printed double sided.

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