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Document Type Recognition

CapturePoint Document Imaging Software begins by automatically classifying your documents. That means it understands the difference between an invoice for accounts payable, a proposal submitted by one of your vendors, or even a group of related documents. Once the documents have been recognized they can then be sorted, processed, and routed intelligently, without human interaction.


World-Class OCR Software

Scanning is not an exact science, which is why CapturePoint uses a world-renowned Optical Character Recognition [OCR] engine to process paper documents. It knows when a page is upside down, sideways – or just a little crooked. It reads the text and turns the document from a picture document into a fully text-searchable document.

Handwriting Recognition

CapturePoint Document Scanning Software can also read and understand handwriting. This enables the system to read checks, hand-filled forms, applications, surveys, as well as verify the presence of specific words on a document to make logic-centered decisions about how to process the information.

Intelligent Indexing

Once CapturePoint identifies the type of document it can be instructed to search the page for an address, or read the invoice number from the upper right region of the page. It can also find the invoice number after the text “Inv:” anywhere it exists on the page.

CapturePoint also knows how to perform a database look-up on your other business systems such as your accounting package, or CRM system. Intelligent Indexing eliminates the most time-intensive step in scanning your business documents and does so with higher accuracy.


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With features like Document Type Recognition, Handwriting Recognition, Intelligent Indexing and Classification, CapturePoint by Ademero Inc. is the most advanced document imaging software in existence.