ASI Freedom Program


Expectations with a Commitment to Total Satisfaction

ASI’s FREEDOM Program is the new spirit and commitment behind our approach to earning your Trust and Confidence. The FREEDOM Program was developed for “First Time ASI Customers” to assist in the very important decision process when considering a new technology partner. We understand the risk of new partnerships and how a wrong decision can impact your organizations bottom line. That’s why ASI is introducing the FREEDOM Program – it’s our commitment to provide you the best of breed in technology and service support so much that we are willing to offer you the FREEDOM to cancel your contract obligation after six (6) months.

free•dom (fredem) The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Our goals at ASI are very simple

 FREEDOM to evaluate – Minimizing risk.

To provide the customer the ultimate experience in flexibility and peace of mind when it comes to your business document management systems.

To be the only source you will ever need to align imaging technology solutions with your unique business needs. While others set out to merely meet your expectations, at ASI, we are satisfied only when we EXCEED them.


Our relationship is only beginning when you select equipment and solutions from ASI Business Solutions. In support of our FREEDOM Program approach, we provide specific guarantees to ensure you can confidently turn over the program to us, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Each area described below represents our commitment to you and the flexibility or our guarantees.

Total Care Maintenance

ASI covers every aspect of your hardware investment, including  all mechanical and electrical parts, as well as labor expenses (during normal business hours). In addition to hardware support, we can also take the worry and detail work out of managing supply inventory by providing a just-in-time  stream of quality supplies at competitive prices. You never again have to rush around for toner on a deadline!

Free Loaner Guarantee

ASI offers the customer the added security of knowing that if their Equipment is not performing  to the manufacturer’s specifications or is required to be returned to ASI’s service facility for any reason, a loaner machine will be provided free of charge within eight (8) business hours of the decision to provide the loaner.

Uptime Guarantee

In addition to our average service call response time of four hours or less, ASI goes a step further by guaranteeing 97% uptime. If your equipment is  inoperative more than 3% of regular business hours over the course of 180 days, ASI will provide you with a credit based on the following product segment:

5-Year Replacement Guarantee

If ASI cannot maintain  your systems in good working order; equipment will be replaced with comparable systems for up to 5 years from installation (3 years for rebuilt systems).

Unlimited Helpdesk Support

ASI guarantees 59-Minute (or less) phone remediation support for all FREEDOM Program customers.

Fixed Price Guarantee

ASI guarantees that the FREEDOM Program pricing (Equipment & Service) will remain fixed throughout the original contract term unless there is a change in fleet technology/configuration.

Preventative Maintenance Program

ASI has the Fleet Management software and systems.(4) in place to proactively replace consumable parts at or before their expected yields, before problems occur. In addition, manufacturer-certified technicians do a complete inspection of system hardware on each visit.

Upgrade and Enhancement Program

As part of our commitment to continuous innovation and the latest technology, ASI allows its customers to upgrade to a similar or higher capacity system upon satisfactorily completing 50% the term of the agreement.

Program Conditions

  1. See your account representative for Program Terms and Conditions.
  2. The FREEDOM Program is applicable only for equipment installed in ASI’s DFW territory and ALL payments to ASI must have been made on time.
  3. 60 Month Term.
  4. Fleet Management Software and Approved Surge Protection required.

Ready To Be A Part Of Our Freedom Program?