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Cross The Line

Cross The Line: What This Means to ASI

In this day in age, working or doing business with a good company is sometimes tough to find. You have companies who will try to sell you a product or service without all of the details, make broken promises or simply leave others hanging. Luckily, when doing business with an office equipment provider, in Dallas Fort Worth, like ASI, it is not the case. ASI stands behind our core values and our 212 service culture.

One of the few philosophies each of our employees embodies is Cross The Line.

cross: (verb) 1.to move from one side to another 2. to pass over mediocrity

This philosophy is very simple: It’s the line between ordinary and extraordinary. On one side you have mediocre and less of a chance to do great things and on the other, you have better results and better relationships. Here are the four steps of how to Cross The Line:

  1. Choose to commit: Make the choice to improve your chance to go beyond mediocrity. Approach the things you do with the intent to deliver, succeed, serve.
  2. Work hard: Genuine effort and attention are the keys to making good things happen. There are no quick fixes. Push yourself. Earn your results.
  3. Focus: Eliminate distractions. Minimize negativity (people, thoughts, things). Time moves quickly and you can’t get it back. Take good care of it.
  4. Bounce back: Embrace challenges and learn from mistakes. Remember your choice to cross the line and make good things happen for yourself and the people around you.

What does all of this means to ASI? Everything. This is what we each employee chooses when hired at ASI. Each employee chooses to commit, work hard, focus and bounce back, together. Watch this motivational video about Cross The Line: