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KIP Plotter 800 Advantages Over the HP Pagewide 4000

Many printing projects require more than your typical 8.5 x 11-inch sheet of paper especially for large projects such as banners, blueprints, maps and more. If you’re an architect or engineer reading this, you know the frustration it is when having a normal printer when trying to print large documents. Depending on how much your organization is willing to spend, a plotter or wide format device might be key to your organization, especially if you’re outsourcing large projects that can make a pretty significant dint to your budget.

The KIP Plotter 800 Color Series provides a comprehensive solution for a range of plotter print tasks that require the highest levels of quality and performance. The system’s workflow provides powerful print control for any production environment from a range of print submission applications, cloud printing, scan & copy, variable data printing and fully integrated stacking and folding. Here’s a few advantages the KIP 800 has over the HP Pagewide 4000:

Item KIP Plotter 800 Series HP Pagewide 4000 KIP Advantage
Print Speed B&W – Consistent 10D per minute at highest DPI Color-Consistent 8D per minute at highest DPI Inconsistent 9D per minute. Actual print speed on sets = 7.5D per minute. The KIP 800 always runs at the highest quality mode without needing to pause. The HP needs to stop printing during larger runs for head wiping and cleaning. As quality increases the HP speed decreases. The KIP speed remains constant.
Print Heads Permanent High Definition LED Print Heads 8 ink printheads that must be replaced KIP printheads are permanent and not designed to be replaced. The HP has 8 print heads that cost $4,800 for the set. They are warrantied for 10 L of ink.
14% Coverage Color Toner/Ink Cost – CAD Line $0.016 Per Square Foot for Toner MSRP $0.04 Per Square Foot for Ink MSRP The HP Pagewide cost 150% more in ink cost than the KIP toner
6% Coverage Black & White Toner/Ink Cost $0.006 Per Square Foot for Toner MSRP $0.02 Per Square Foot for Ink MSRP The HP Pagewide cost 233% more in ink cost than the KIP toner
Image Durability Instantly Dry Toner Doesn’t smear when wetCan be highlighted No bleeding with high coverage on bond Wet on wet ink Smears when wet Highlighters react with ink High Coverage prints saturate through bond and stay wet Toner has long been the standard for reliable, field durable images. High coverage images on the HP Pagewide stay wet and need time to dry before using them. HP users will need to purchase heavier, more expensive media for high coverage prints.
Touch Screen Intuitive 12 inch touch screen featuring auto deskew, Area of Interest scanning, and many more advanced features Basic 8 inch touch screen with limiting features The HP does not offer advanced features such as auto straightening of documents that are fed crooked or the ability to crop areas of a scan or print, from the touchscreen.
Advanced Submission Software Standard KIP Image Pro Optional Smart Stream – $2,600 KIP Image Pro offers the most robust print submission software in the market. KIP Print Pro is included at no charge.


All prints and copies generated by the KIP Plotter 800 Color Series systems are fully lightfast, meaning that they will not fade or exhibit color deterioration from exposure to light over extended periods. The CMYK dry toner system employed by the KIP 800 Color Series produces 100% waterproof images that are suitable for outdoor applications even in inclement weather.

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