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Fonts: A Subtle Way To Save Ink

Fonts: A Subtle Way To Save Money

Do you ever wonder why you were always told to use Times New Roman and you couldn’t use the bold, curly, fun fonts, while you were in school? Yeah, us too. But get this: According to Patrick Austin at Consumer Reports, Times New Roman gets 27% more mileage than using another font such as Arial. Shocking, right?

It’s amazing how something as simple as a font can save money and can help the environment, too. Fonts, of all kinds, are made of curves and lines. Some are regular, bold or thin; fonts are their own type of art. Here are the best-saving fonts that you might want to consider, when toner budget is in mind:

Fonts: A Subtle Way To Save Ink

Consider your business’ options when it comes to fonts, especially, if you’re looking at cutting costs. The key when choosing a font is to be sure all of your employees are consistent with it’s use – this helps with not only toner cost savings but also brand consistency. Share this blog with your colleagues and encourage them to use one of the fonts above!