ASI Open House 2017

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Don’t miss the 2017 ASI Open House!

June 22nd, 2017 | 10:30AM-5:30 PM

Open House 2017

Please join us to celebrate our Open House! You will learn about our partners, Xerox, KIP, Lexmark, FP Mailing Solutions, and their new products. We will also have demos, food trucks and giveaways, including a chance to win a weekend stay at Four Seasons Resort, and much more throughout the day. We hope you can join us!  

Location: ASI Headquarters
13701 Hutton Drive, Suite 102 Dallas, Texas 75234

To register, fill out the form below!

10:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Informational Booths: Xerox, KIP, Lexmark and FP Mailing Solutions

11:00 AM -11:30 AM
1:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Guest Speaker: Mike Hageman, ASI
Topic: Ademero/Capture Point

11:30 AM – 12:00 PM
12:30 PM – 1:00 PM
Guest Speaker: Paul Buckley, FP Mailing Solutions
Topic: FP – Real. Simple. Mailing.

12:00 PM – 12:30 PM
1:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Guest Speaker: Shawna O’Brien, Xerox
Topic: The New Workplace Assistant

11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Lunch Catered By: So Cal Tacos and Slider Food Truck

4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Celebratory Happy Hour!

Largest New Product Launch in Xerox History Delivers New Technology to Transform the Workplace! As part of the Xerox family, we are excited to feature the new Xerox product line offerings including solution technology such as Connect Key!

One of our newest product lines KIP brings a new generation of wide format functionality. During our Open House we will be demoing the KIP 860 model.  Click here to learn more about KIP products and offering. Can’t attend the Open House but still want to demo the KIP? Make an appointment today! 

FP is our line of innovative mailing products. Recently the have launched the enterprise series -the biggest release in PostBase History. Interested in upgrading your mailroom technology? Learn more about FP products here.

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How Your MFP Can Help You Go Green

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Let Us Help You Go Green


Multifunction printers (MFPs) are a beautiful thing. They can handle all kinds of fabulous tasks for your office. They provide one convenient and efficient device where you can print, scan, copy, and fax to your heart’s content. In short, MFPs make your job easier. But, it’s important to mitigate the environmental impacts of these machines and look for ways that can both reduce your office’s carbon footprint and your power bill.

To help your company go green, we’ve come up with some tips and suggestions to reduce your MFP’s environmental impact and save you money in the process.

• Power up with “Power Save.” Many MFPs have power-saving features that are designed to reduce energy consumption. Power-saving options allow the MFPs to use less power while not in use. This conserves energy (and saves money), but still allows the machine to stay on so it can quickly “wake up” for the next job.

• Get smart about paper. The greatest savings you can experience are in reducing your paper and toner consumption. Utilize paper-conserving features like duplex printing, or conserve toner by printing in grayscale. Or, simply reuse already-printed paper by printing on the blank side.

• Check before you print. Many printers and MFPs have a draft or toner-saver mode that reduces the DPI (dots-per-inch) so the printing is lighter, but still clear. This way you can conserve toner when you’re printing internal documents or draft reports.

• Implement controls. Secure printing enables you to control how much paper is used by whom and when. By setting user controls or requiring print release codes at the MFP, you can significantly reduce unnecessary and unclaimed print jobs. This can eliminate large amounts waste and also help in maintaining security of confidential documents.

These tips can help create a more energy-conscious office. They also ensure that you actually save on print costs and energy consumption while still making the most of your MFP.

For more green tips or information on finding the right eco-friendly MFP for your office, contact us today.

Xerox Wins BLI Software Line of the Year Award- 4 Years in a Row

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Xerox Earns BLI 2017 Document Imaging Software Line of the Year Award

It’s nice to be recognized for a job well done. And when the accolades come four years in a row, it’s proof that our hard work — of making work easier — is paying off.

We’re the proud recipient of Buyer’s Laboratory, Inc. (BLI)’s 2017 Document Imaging Software Line of the Year Award. BLI is an independent evaluator of document imaging hardware, software and services. For the fourth year running, BLI ranked us above our competitors for “an unmatched portfolio of both first-party and third-party software solutions.”

Beyond ConnectKey

With recent buzz about our Xerox® ConnectKey® technology and apps, it’s easy to see why BLI awarded us. But it was more than just ConnectKey. Several factors came together to help us win this prestigious honor:

  • Our wide range of document imaging solutions for office, enterprise and production-print customers.
  • Outstanding portfolio of Xerox-proprietary software.
  • Unmatched breadth of third-party/independent software vendor (ISV) partner applications we offer customers.
  • Strong showings in tests conducted by BLI in key areas such as: feature set, productivity, ease of use and value.
  • Best rankings in print management and mobile printing applications.


What Sealed the Deal

BLI gives several examples in its award report of how our software clinches top honors. Here are a few:


Xerox ConnectKey technology turns a multifunction printer (MFP) into the center of a complete productivity ecosystem. ConnectKey-enabled MFPs offer fully integrated mobile and cloud solutions for scanning, printing and more, plus top-notch security and cost-control. ConnectKey makes it possible to deliver these tools and capabilities via apps from Xerox, our channel partners, and independent software vendors. The apps are downloadable online via the Xerox® App Gallery, or directly via the ConnectKey-enabled MFP’s touchscreen.


Easy Translator

Xerox® Easy Translator Service offers instant machine language translations from an MFP, phone or PC. Easily translate and localize over 44 languages, including French, German, Lithuanian, Japanese and Hmong Daw.



From job management and prepress tools, to variable data publishing and print servers, Xerox® FreeFlow® offers everything digital print professionals need to automate everyday operations, optimize printing, and enable new revenue streams through creative products and services.



Xerox® DocuShare® is enterprise content management (ECM) for every organization, from small businesses up to large enterprises. DocuShare helps knowledge workers be more efficient by focusing on the intersection of people, paper and processes.


Best-of-Breed Partner Software

BLI specifically mentions Nuance Communications’ Equitrac print management offerings, AutoStore and eCopy ShareScan document capture/processing routing products, Print Audit’s accounting and fleet management tools, and XMediusFAX® Cloud MFP fax suite as some of the best of the best.

Award-Winning Portfolio

BLI recently awarded several of our individual software offerings, including:

  • Xerox DocuShare 7: “Outstanding Document Management Solution,” Winter 2017
  • Xerox ConnectKey Technology with Xerox App Gallery: “Outstanding Achievement in Innovation,” Summer 2016
  • Xerox Easy Translator Service: “Outstanding Achievement in Innovation,” Summer 2016
  • XMediusFAX Cloud for Xerox ConnectKey: “Outstanding MFP Fax Solution,” Winter 2016

Article Rights of Xerox Corporation

New Product Launch For FP

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PostBase ONE

We  are excited to announce we will now be offering  the newest member of the FP series: PostBase ONE!

A message from FP:

Meet the biggest member of the FP Enterprise Series, the PostBase™ ONE. This machine is large enough to handle any mail piece that comes your way.

The PostBase ONE has an enhanced, modular design that plays a key role in its ability to adapt to your mailing requirements. Robust features and proficient work flow create the perfect combination for high-volume, complex mail runs. The experience upholds all of your security standards giving you peace of mind that your mail piece sustains its integrity.

  • Postal Vertical Feeding: Load it up. With its vertical design, you can load the PostBase ONE with a variety of envelope sizes.
  • Automatic Feeder: Once your mail is loaded, PostBase ONE will automatically start feeding envelopes for postage.
  • Sealer: Get the perfect seal on all your envelopes ensuring complete security and confidentiality.
  • Dynamic Scale: The dynamic scale can weigh up to 100 letters per minute while analyzing the weight and shape of the mail piece.
  • Full Color Touch Screen: The simple icon driven touch screen provides a seamless user experience.
  • Label Dispenser: The built-in label dispenser makes sending thicker mail and packages convenient. Weigh the package on the scale and press
    print label.
Control Panel Color Touchscreen
Processing Speed (Maximum)  150 lpm
Dynamic Weighing Speed (Maximum) 100 lpm
Envelope Thickness .8″
Self-Adhesive Postage Label Dispenser yes
Integrated Scale Capacity 15 lbs.
External Scale Option With MailOne 2.0
Differential Weighing yes
Dynamic Scale Optional
Ultra High Capacity Envelope Drop Stacker Optional
Software & Connectivity
Postage Accounting- Cost Accounts 100 std., up to 250
ReportOne Postal Reporting Software yes
Postal Rate Wizard yes
User PIN Code Security yes
Postage Labels Strip
Custom Shortcut Keys (Maximum) 20
Personalized Text Messages (Maximum) 12
Envelope Advertising (Maximum) 30
Automatic Postal Rates Download yes
Connectivity LAN std., WiFi optional

For more information about the PostBase ONE and other new FP products Contact us today!

The Power of Scanning

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Let Scanning Solutions Improve Your Workflow

Many companies operate under the impression that scanning documents is a simple, but limited, method for document storage. Although scanning does indeed reduce storage costs, there are many more benefits to implementing a scanning solution than storage alone. In fact, electronically archiving your business records is just one small step you can take toward improving operational efficiency and lowering document costs.

Regardless of your specific industry, a successful scanning solution will reap many benefits, all of which will ultimately have an impact on your bottom line. Once your documents are scanned, document management software ups the ante by adding a laundry list of practical benefits that can save your business time and money.

Imagine the amount of time you spend hunting down specific documents. Now multiply that amount of time by your total number of employees. If time is money, a successful scanning solution will turn back the clock.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of a scanning solution:

• Increased productivity
• Shortened document retrieval time
• Increased compliance
• Reduced labor costs
• Streamlined auditing
• Reduced storage costs

It’s easy to imagine just how valuable combining a scanning system with a document management solution can be. And it’s also simple to see how inefficient it is to manage your business documents without these tools. For example, without a proper system in place, a customer might call with a question regarding his or her order. Because of the many steps involved in a given purchase, your employee must follow a veritable trail of breadcrumbs in order to answer the customer’s inquiry.

Oftentimes, this results in time lost, which, for your average customer, is frustration gained. A successful scanning and document management solution will allow all the documents associated with particular orders to be accessed by anyone at any time. This way, when the customer calls, your employee is ready with the correct answer almost immediately.

So, while scanning business documents is often useful, it is barely scratching the surface of scanning potential. Embrace the process of real-time scanning, and watch as your company’s workflow drastically improves.

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Paying it Forward at Work

When people pay it forward in the office, a positive work environment is created. By doing more than what’s expected of us at work, we are reminded of the importance of kindness, generosity, and dedication. Here are a few ways to pay it forward while on the job.

Offer anonymous help: Whether it’s leaving muffins in the break room or picking up the slack for a sick colleague, adding something of value to the office can improve overall morale. Anonymous acts of kindness show people that there is a generosity of spirit at their workplace and may encourage them to reciprocate and help each other.

Mentor: Serving as a mentor to a colleague not only positions you as a leader, but also benefits your entire team. Mentoring can be in the form of structured meetings or just casual advice you offer to newer team members.

Be inclusive:
It is easy for workplaces to become segmented and divide into unfriendly cliques. Break up the negativity by inviting someone who seems like an outsider to lunch or encourage inclusiveness among departments.

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Ready To Buy An MFP???

Here are some things you will want to consider before choosing….

Consider the following tips before purchasing or leasing a multifunction printer (MFP) for your office.

Know what you need. It’s one thing to understand that an MFP can do multiple things. It’s another to understand what it can do specifically for you. What functions will you require? Do you need lots of finishing options for presentations, or just basic copy, print, scan, and fax functionalities?

Evaluate the long-term costs. Knowing the total cost of ownership, or TCO, means considering the long-term upkeep of your device.

It shouldn’t be rocket science. Having an MFP that can perform a myriad of tasks is great, but having an MFP that is easy to use is even more important. Prevent workflow hiccups by selecting a user-friendly device.

Be supported. It’s not just the MFP that matters—it’s also your solutions provider that matters. We make every effort to support our customers with fast response times and excellent service.

To learn more about all the ways ASI can help find you the perfect equipment  for your environment, contact us today!

Why To Bring Your Color In-House

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Benefits of Bringing Color In-House

Here are a few benefits of having a color printer in your office:

Flexibility – Because you can turn jobs around at a faster rate with an in-house color printer or MFP, you don’t have to “get in line” behind other print customers at your local print shop. You have the flexibility to print the documents you need when you need them, anytime and without delays.

– You can also choose to purchase or lease a color machine that is much more eco-friendly than the production printers commonly used at office supply stores and print shops. Many in-house color printers and MFPs are highly efficient and use eco-friendly inks and toners.Customization – When you bring color in-house, you can decide exactly which features you’d like included on your machine. This way, you’ll get everything you need, without having to pay for extra services at the print shop.

Savings – The cost per page on an in-house device is usually significantly lower than what a print shop would charge to print the identical piece of the same quality.